Friday, August 5, 2011

Emilys post: Rant and Rave

Emily here: crashing joshs blog. i know i have stolen the computer again, its so exciting. so yesterday we went to Whistle Lake, me for the first time. i was so excited i was like a kid in a candy shop. jumping all about and running down the paths. Cliff Jumping, is our new sport! i love it. i used to go all the time in Montana with friends, but haven't gone in such a long time. George, Josh and i got there around 5:30pm and the sun was hot and there were still quite a few people there. i jumped off the 20 footer first (the boys were scared) but george jumped off the 30' first. we had a great time and swam alot. i can't wait to go back there and take pictures (and maybe a tan). we got home and i was so wiped out that i fell asleep in 5 minutes. i can't say the same for poor josh, he got rug burn from falling off the couch. but he still looks handsome. returns and costco tuckered us out pretty quickly, but a hot dog from Coupe's Last Stand helped alot!!! well thats all from me... yeah.

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