Sunday, August 28, 2011

weddings, work, life.

Well things have been pretty crazy these last couple of weeks with all the wedding prep. Work hasn't really been working out like it should. Life is crazy. but all in all i can't complain. life is good. hopefully work picks up soon. 14 days and the wedding mess will be over. life will be less crazy.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Emilys post: Rant and Rave

Emily here: crashing joshs blog. i know i have stolen the computer again, its so exciting. so yesterday we went to Whistle Lake, me for the first time. i was so excited i was like a kid in a candy shop. jumping all about and running down the paths. Cliff Jumping, is our new sport! i love it. i used to go all the time in Montana with friends, but haven't gone in such a long time. George, Josh and i got there around 5:30pm and the sun was hot and there were still quite a few people there. i jumped off the 20 footer first (the boys were scared) but george jumped off the 30' first. we had a great time and swam alot. i can't wait to go back there and take pictures (and maybe a tan). we got home and i was so wiped out that i fell asleep in 5 minutes. i can't say the same for poor josh, he got rug burn from falling off the couch. but he still looks handsome. returns and costco tuckered us out pretty quickly, but a hot dog from Coupe's Last Stand helped alot!!! well thats all from me... yeah.

Yay, I'm sooo tired

Today we made a costco run for the hot dog stand, and we took stuff back to party city and ross.  Then we went to coupeville and did some things. We took the kittens here to coupeville and they dont like the dog milo, i know crazy right. And we are so tired right now that its not even funny. Its been a super long day and its only 5.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


So I decided that weddings are crazy I mean totally rediculous. So much time and effort for 1 day thatI'm not even totally gonna enjoy. Yeah I'll be married by the end of the day but thats easy and simple. all the decorations for a party that i'm just gonna wanna ditch out on seems a little rediculous. But its important to Em so I'm gonna smile and be happy about everything and I'll take a million pictures and dance and eat cake and I'm gonna do it with style. I may not enjoy it but I'm gonna fake it like a pro.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

knead and feed

this mornin we had knead and feed cinnimon rolls here in coupeville and i decided that they are the most amazing thing in the world. yeah.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I love boats all kinds of boats wood boats metal boats they are amazing things how we can propel ourselves across the water laden with tons of weight precariously balanced atop the water with giant masts it truly is amazing isn't it. 

Do Maru

So i've decided to make do maru armour. which is basically a scale cuirass with no hinges that ties under the right arm the scales are woven together with colorful silk cord. This is going to get pretty tedious.

First journey into my mind

Alright lately all my mind has had in it is thoughts of big wooden warships and samurai armour. completely unrelated but mixed in my mind. so ive decided to leave the warships alone and build some athentic samurai armour.  Its going to be quite the journey. But to satisfy my need for great wooden battleships i'm going to watch master and commander while i build the armour. I've already built a cardboard and duct tape set of samurai armour. so this time i'm going to build it the real way. So wish me luck this is gonna get crazy.